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A real KETTCAR! Quality made in Germany. That’s what can be found on the top of many children's wish list. Ever since the first KETTCAR rolled off the line in 1962, this wish has come true over 15 million times, and the hype shows no signs of slowing down. The racy little pedal car has been the best friend of many generations of kids. In a way, every time a parent or grandparent bought one, they relived a big part of their own childhood. KETTLER designs, develops, and manufactures KETTCARS in Germany. Keeping the manufacture local allows quick responses to new trends and guaranteed high quality standards.


Soon after kids have taken their first steps, it's time for them to get their own set of four wheels. Even the smallest kids can attempt their first drive on the KETTLER Sliddy. This starter vehicle trains the newly learned movements as well as their coordination and balance.

Balance bikes

Young beginners on big tours! Too big for Sliddy but still too small for a bike? The KETTLER balance bikes are the perfect solution for the transition from the first play vehicle to a bicycle. There are 8", 10" and 12.5" tyre versions depending on the size of the child. Once the right one has been selected, it will strengthen your child’s muscular system and train their movement. This will make their transition to a bike child’s play.


Flit through the city in style! On the way to school, to a friend’s house in the afternoon or a quick city trip – a scooter not only makes it extremely fun, but you can get from A to B quite quickly while exuding the trendy street art/skater style. But it’s not just what’s on the outside that counts – that is why KETTLER scooters all have an easy-to-operate kick footbrake, an anti-slip running board and a sturdy aluminium frame.


High-flying adventure! Swinging – it is always a bit like flying! Even the smallest kids enjoy the swings – for hours on end. Their balance, coordination and concentration abilities are strengthened. The weightless back and forth motion relaxes restless spirits and also strengthens the senses. KETTLER has created large as well as smaller frames that take up less space to ensure a swing can be used in small gardens too. A selection of swing units – depending on age and ability – ensures variety during playtime.


Make every day something special with friends. There is enough room in the garden to romp around – this is where your stories come to life.


Make every day something special with friends. There is enough room in the garden to swing – this is where your stories come to life.

Desks and mobile drawer units

KETTLER’s top sellers are very popular because they combine functionality with contemporary minimalist design. Practical accessories help create a routine of tidiness and facilitate learning. Multiple height settings are a matter of course, as is the high-quality workmanship "Made in Germany” for every desk. The tilting plate is also very simple to adjust.

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