High desks

Perfect setting, great posture! No matter whether you want to use the high desk for a presentation, a speech or for office work – a KETTLER high desk will keep you standing tall! The high desks are height adjustable to adapt to your specific physical requirements.

An upright posture relieves strain on the spine, back and neck muscles. KETTLER high desks are also highly functional and very steady – the perfect combination for a stress-free day at work.

    • The high desk offers three height adjustment settings: 109 cm, 112 cm, 115 cm.
    • A slight surface tilt of 8° allows the speaker a relaxing arm position.
    • Upper tabletop: 78 x 59 cm
    • Lower storage shelf: 60 x 42 cm
    • The screen at the front is made from polyester fabric.
    • The steel parts are high-quality powder coated.
    • Integrated pilaster.
    • The high desk is steplessly height adjustable with a pneumatic lifting function (92 to 120 cm).
    • The tabletop measures 85 x 59 cm and can be tilted to an ergonomic 0° to 15°.
    • The rigid pen support is particularly practical.
    • A robust chrome-plated footrest facilitates a relaxed posture while standing.
    • The steel parts are high-quality powder coated.
    • Folding raised edge.
    • Integrated castors.
    • High desk and rostrum wit textile screen.
    • Integrated castors.
    • Spacious drawer with pull-out stop.
    • Cable clamps and adaptation options for advertising and information templates.
    • Contents not included.
    • The high desk is height adjustable between 78 and 110 cm.
    • Tabletop: 85 x 59 cm, max. continuous load 30 kg.
    • The steel base plate measures 55 x 44 cm, and comes equipped with castors.
    • All of the premium quality steel elements are powder coated.
    • The high desk is height adjustable between 100 and 112 cm.
    • The tabletop measures 70 x 55 cm and can be tilted to approx. 8°.
    • The high-quality steel base plate comes equipped with castors.