HERLAG high chairs

Herlag from the very beginning! Safety, comfort and above all plenty of love are most important for your children! They should grow up care-free in a safe environment with people who love them. HERLAG has had the same principles for the development, production and marketing of our products for over 130 years! We love to put a smile on the faces of parents and children alike, so we can be a part of that happy childhood. Today just as it was back then! There is more than 50 years between the production of these two HERLAG high chairs. Back then, HERLAG already understood that feeling secure with your family is the most important thing for little ones. Our children should feel safe and understood. They should grow up into a future that they help create and define. It was known back then as well as it is now: Safety, comfort and love are the best investments into the future of our children and probably the most important contribution to society as a whole. Values that flow into the development and production of every single HERLAG product.

High chairs

Our high chairs bring children up to eye level. For the long term. They are manufactured from solid beech wood and the construction is sturdy. In this way we guarantee safety and comfort at the same time. Many additional functional details round off our offer.


HERLAG high chairs can even be adjusted in size if desired, like the classic 4th generation Tipp Topp Comfort. Well-designed features make these products long-term companions. For example, the seat depth has four adjustments and the play tray is infinitely adjustable. The seat cushions are colourful and washable. Simply attractive and practical.


    High chairs will present the table in a whole new light. Finally on the same level as mum and dad. This is great for both parents and children. The Tipp Topp Comfort IV ensures comfortable as well as secure seating. Seat and foot rests are adjustable. The chair is made of solid beech and painted with an environmentally friendly water-based lacquer. The TIPP TOPP COMFORT IV is of course also TÜV tested – for the safety of your children.


    From now on they can sit at the table with the "big kids". The new HERLAG high chair creates a safe place at the family table for the little ones. The different ways to adjust both the seating surface and foot rest will make the chair grow with the child and perfectly fit your child’s size. The material and finish are exemplary. The solid beech is painted with an environmentally friendly water-based lacquer. The chair is also of course TÜV tested. For the safety of your children


    Well padded! Every high chair needs a comfortable seat cushion. The beautiful cushions add colour and good vibes to your room and also provide the best seating comfort. The cushions have an acrylic coating which makes them easy to clean.


    Every good high chair needs a comfortable seat cushion. Only then will your little angel be relaxed at the table, and happy to wait for the yummy food. And a little spillage here and there is no problem – the cushions are super easy to clean.


    [not translated yet1] Der 3-Punkt-Gurt sitzt bequem, ist leicht und sicher in der Handhabung. Der Gurt bietet noch mehr Sicherheit für Ihre Kinder und kann optional zugekauft werden. Der Gurt ist geeignet für die Hochstühle TIPP TOPP COMFORT IV und TIPP TOPP IV.